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All in God’s timing!

It has been an eventful past 3 months!  I am amazed at God’s Grace, Gentleness, and Goodness towards me.  I love how God showers love on His children even when we are not able to see it but, like air, it is still there. 

I am ever so grateful. In March my one and only niece traveled from Connecticut (home) to visit me in Texas. It had been maybe 3 years since we sat and broke bread together. Grateful!  A week later I had the honor of serving at our annual International Leadership Summit (ILS), getting the leaders signed in at the registration booths. It was held in Charlotte NC and we registered about 10,000 guests, with guest speakers like Denzel Washington, President of Ghana Akufo-Addo, and Pastor Joel Olsten… just to mention a few. Grateful to be a part of a team that views excellent as the standard!

Sometimes when we look at what God has lined up for us we are unsure if it is God or man.  The lines can be blurred at times. I received a call to attend a missionary orientation in GA that is required when you are called to the missionary field with AIM. The training was scheduled for the weekend of Easter!  I was kicking and fussing and then God said go.  Nothing left to say. We cannot allow routine or traditions to get in the way of God’s flow. I would have missed out on a multitude of blessings had I not attended. Crystal and Julie facilitated the orientation and I must say it was an excellent and informative class.  That was not the highlight though…. I spent the week with some of the most amazing people. Crystal has become a sister to me, Julie recently returned from the very place that I am going, The Kingdom of Eswatini in Africa so I was able to ask questions specifically about where I am headed. The best part was meeting such amazing God-loving individuals like Seth Barnes, and Scott Borg, meeting Marcie his wife, and being able to spend some time talking with her was priceless.  I’ll never forget it. There were a host of others who loved on me and made me feel at home. The Corder’s opened their home to me without ever meeting me and to this day I still have not met them. Peace and Love reside in their home, all you have to do is walk through the door and God meets you!  Thank you to each and everyone who God used to care for me. May the 100-fold blessing be upon you.

Then there is this life-altering, celebration for women of God known as Beauty for Ashes. We, the 3W team hosted Beauty for Ashes in May with 22 women. We walked them through asking God our Father about our Identity, our Worth, how do we Forgive, and about Community —Common Unity. as always God was there before us and was there with us. We had an amazing time with our Father and our sisters. The testimonies are still coming in, so much so that we may do a one-day retreat prior to me departing the country! Grateful that God would trust us with His precious daughters. I am grateful that God did not leave us out! Our Sisters ages ranged from 25ish to 75 years of age!  So Grateful for each Sister.  It was not easy to do the work and let the Lord have His way with our hearts but it was worth it! Thank you Betty, and your teams for all you do!

 My departure date has been pushed back a bit and I will talk about that in my next blog.  God’s timing is best, so I will wait on the Lord.

In God’s Love

Till next time 

Be encouraged and remember to be Grateful.

How thoughtful!


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