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“Follow Me” pt 2


     Wow one week left! Just when I’m getting comfortable with those around me, it is time to pack up and leave. If you know anything about me, you know that I am a talker and very comfortable with sharing my life and life experiences with anyone around, and learning about yours. I have truly never met a stranger. I love all people, I am grateful to God that I was created this way. Also, grateful to my Mom and Granddaddy who allowed me to talk consistently, and ask about a million questions a day.

     I have had the pleasure and heart ache of sharing, “we packed up all of our essential belonging, sold or gave away the rest, loaded up the children and accepted the call of the LORD”, with Eight families and Four “singles” that are preparing to head into an unknown journey for Christ! “Cause I’m just a nobody trying to tell everybody all about somebody who saved my soul,” rings in my ears (the Casting Crowns version), and Marvin Winans’ versions of “Who’s gonna tell them”. There are so many wonderful testimonies of how we got to this very place of obedience. One after another the testimonies of the mountain top experiences and the valley low shadows keep coming, the one constant factor is that God is faithful!

     CIT has been such a great learning experience of allowing us to think through so many things that we may face being away from our American culture and out in the field of what is to us a foriegn culture. It has allowed us to explore some of the deep issues we may face, even the possibility of death and not always as a martyr, maybe just an illness. What happens if a family member transitions and you can’t get back home? Our minds have been opened!! The instructors and staff come with years (like collectively over 100) of missions works in foreign countries. At the drop of a hat they will stop and pray for us. I know this because Ms. Bev, the one who looks after a few things like the cafeteria and the lodging came to check on me after a frantic call to her, she came and prayed for me simply because I was having a “moment”. Although I don’t think I can remember everything that I have been taught, we are getting so much information that it is impossible to retain it all in one month, I know I can refer back at anytime. And they have provided so many resources, I can be learning for years to come on what they have taught.

     I had the pleasure and honor of hosting Julie A, her daughter and Crystal R. from AIM my sending agency, they drove three hours to take me to dinner, spend the night and attend ½ day class with me then take me to lunch, just to check on me! This is not a normal occurrence, I am grateful that they took the time to come see about me. We had such a good time! (hugs to them).

     Ok… So God has placed a Faye Mitchell in my path, God has given her a desire to help me with flushing out the Family Strengthening Curriculum, we will be completing that this weekend. God has provided one of the Care Points with a computer lab that I believe is being prepared. I am humbled, excited and overwhelmed at the same time to be called to be a part of what God is doing in eSwatini. Oh and I thing I have a language coach!!! I am looking forward to sharing all of what God is doing once I get on the ground there.

     As we complete our last week, there are two of us singles and one family, that are so close to our support goal that will allow us to GO. Please be in prayer as I am at 80% of my goal. By now maybe you have inquired of the Lord about being a part of His plan and my journey, if so all I ask is that you are obedient to His answer.
Here is the need.

1. Prayer for my family and I, prayer for travels, prayer for the needs to be met for those I am going to serve and their families, and the agency that I am with.

2. Monthly Donors:
a. 45 partners at $20.00 OR
b. 18 partners at $50.00 OR
c. 9 partners at $100.00 OR
d. 2 supports at $450.00
All partner gifts are tax deductible and goes through the agency

3. Spread the Word!


Also if there is anything I can pray with or on your behalf, please let me know!

Until the next time: Hold on to Gods unchanging hand in an unstable world! Tell someone Jesus loves them! Blessing