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Obedience: A Labor of Love


     Obedience means to comply with an order, request or law OR submission to another’s authority. The root of the word for obedience is obey, another Greek word for obey in the New Testament means to trust. Holman’s Illustrated Bible dictionary defines it “To hear God’s Word and act accordingly”.

     Presenting my life back to Christ has been an adventure for the beginning. Upon my return to CT to care for my ailing Granddad, I decided to visit my childhood church and I was on my way up to the to alter to request the Rev. to pray for my Granddad who was battling breast cancer. You see as I stated preciously I went through the ritual of salvation when I was 14ish. I really did it to be baptized and did not fully understand what I was doing. I hadn’t attended a service in years, but I knew of God and I knew that if prayer went up, God hears and would be the only one that could help. Unbeknownst to me the Rev. was actually preforming an alter call and I got up to walk down the isle and the claps begin, oh my I couldn’t turn around…. So on that Sunday Morning in CT I offered my life back to God. It has been 22 years of really walking all in with Jesus and I am still amazed.

    From that moment, it has been, “God, is that you”. Once I learned to listen and how to hear Gods voice, I have obeyed. The learning curve still exist, when God speaks, I still want and need confirmation of the how, when, where, etc…from God. I don’t know how or when obeying God became the most important thing in my life but has.

     If I am honest, it is not because I want to seen as the perfect child, but totally the opposite. I know my sinful nature is ever present and although I have authority over it, I am still human and I am sure I sin against God without even being aware. How can I honor my life in Christ if I am not obedient. The decision to be obedient was easy. I can only speak for me, being obedient has cost me dearly, the loss of family, friends, employment ect, however I would not change the lessons for anything and no it is not always easy. I am a giver at heart so that is easy when God tells me to bless someone. It is the task and the assignments that are daunting sometimes. 

     Walking through “Making all things new” is a challenge. If we are fortunate to get a glimpse of the vision, it makes the walk a bit easier. Walking out of what is to become old and walking into the new with Christ takes unconditional love. Love for Jesus, Love for yourself, Love for others. Love for Jesus so that means we have the best relationship possible, spending time in the presents of Christ, reading Gods word, and being quiet before Him. Love for self, me must love ourselves enough to know that if God called us to it, we can do it, I am my worst critic and that can be a hindrance. I care about how I treat God’s children and how they are treated by others. (sometimes to a fault). Love for others… Well Jesus gave his life, the least I can do is help as many as I can.

     More than anything in this world, I want to hear “well done”.  Nothing else matters. I spent years doing it my way, I plan on spending the rest of my space in time loving on God’s children. 

The Gospel is worth it! Please continue to pray that God’s will be done above all else! And thank you for your continued support and partnership.