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“Follow Me” pt 3


Moving on to the next step. CIT is over. As I have stated, the training was phenomenal. The instructors are second to none, not simply because they are all missionaries, but because of their genuine love for missionaries and their well being. The lens of how I view many aspects of world culture and testing in the arms of Jesus has been changed forever. Every day at CIT was and will always be a blessing. 


August 2022, was one of the most challenging months of my life this far. The realization of so many truths of how my life has and will continue to change was sobering. Lots and lots of tears, sad tears, joyful tears and Jesus tears! Understanding who I am in Christ was taken to a new level. The suffering becomes a sacrifice that allows us to come face to face with fears, uncertainty and anxiety, But God. Do you trust me for your daily bread? Most of us believers quickly and willing would say Yes! Well it’s not until you literally don’t know where you next meal, or the payment for that next pressing bill will come from that you can answer that question. A new level of trust is birthed in that process. Thank you God for being faithful.

God allowed so many things to work out, from Covid plaguing our class to extreme warfare outbreaks.


2 Corinthians 4: 1- 12 was our scriptures for the month. We were encouraged by this, knowing that this work we have been called to do, and we are committed to is of God. We are servants to His will and heirs to the Kingdom. No longer just accepted, but son and daughters of God! Wow! No greater love.


Made it back to TX Sat. cleaned out my apartment and moved my dad to his next residence over a holiday weekend, no time to celebrate my birthday, must repack and get ready for launch! My plans are to spend a few weeks with my family, go visit my son and continue to gain partners so that I can purchase a ticket to cross the continent.


I appreciate all of my partners and I am closer than I was last month to launch. Please be in prayer with me as I am in the last stretch of meeting my support goal. My prayer is that when God lays it upon your heart to partner with Him on this journey and the work being done in Eswatini, your answer is yes. (Dont forget to click the donate button) 


Prayer request

  1. Pray for God to move on the hearts and minds of the families of eSwatini.

  2. Prayer for safe traveling for every missionary and their families that are traveling.

  3. Pray that God will move on the hearts of those who are partnering and who will partner with our ministry in Africa.


Please send your prayer requests, as I am praying for you as well!


Financial partner request

  1. Monthly, Annual or One time donations. 

  2. Send this to share what God is doing in Africa, so others have a chance to plant a seed.

All partner donations are tax deductible.


Prayerfully, part four will have a launch date!

Until next time, be well.