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An Over The Shoulder Look at 2021!!


Luke 14:28 Says For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count up the cost, whether he (you) has enough to complete it?
So, I ask how do your count up a cost for which you do not know what is being built?  The cost is you, your life. Luke 14:33 (Read it in your God time) Romans 12:1 – Living sacrifice, Colossians 3:17 whatsoever ye do in work or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, 1 Cor 6: 19- your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost!! Opening your heart to Christ is not just for Salvation, but to your assignment here on Earth. Salvation is amazing, we are confident, I say, to know that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. 2 Corin 5:8. What is your assignment, how are our advancing the Kingdom of God here on earth? What is your purpose? Or is it only about what you want from God?

The year 2021 came in looking like COVID would slack up or even be gone by soon, God continues to keep us in the storm. For some of us we are on the boat and the winds rage and the storm keeps us rocking, but we are not defeated!
When I look back over 2021, I see God with me!  This has been a challenging year, so many new things… Behold, I will do a new thing Isaiah 43:18-19 and Rev 21:5.  This blog stretches me beyond my comfort zone, the thought of writing sends me into a feeling of anxiety, but God is with me, not just with me by God is for me. I could not have imaged the things I would learn, see, and do and the places I would go. I could not have imaged the things that God would unveil to me and to teach me yet again who I am in Christ.
Looking back, 2021 was a year for me to learn a new way to pray, to understand better the authority I have as a believer granted here on earth, to learn that I am a teacher of truth in the Word, I can be used by God to manifest those things we called out in prayer, I can be used by God to heal, deliver, and set free.  I understand that there is nothing I can not do through Christ.  Many of us quote it, but do you believe it. There was a pivotal point in my life in 2021, it always starts with obedience. I attended a Beauty for Ashes Training and retreat in Atlanta, GA in March.  It was at that training that God began to reveal things to me that I had asked about for years. (I may post that story soon). From there I went on a Missions trip in May to Guatemala, and God challenged me to believe in  new ways and God was faithful to do miracles, signs and wonders there through me.  From that trip, God showed me it was time. I said time for…..?  Me to step into the next step of purpose.  I was called to go and serve in Africa.  2021 was a year of NEW identity and NEW drive, NEW understanding, NEW anointing, NEW relationships, NEW family, NEW newness of scriptures best of all a NEW relationship with my Father.
1st event of the year in Feb. we did on Zoom, it was a success event.  We had boxes made, mailed them out to the guest, and had an awesome brunch. Learning how to do what we would normally do in person we had to learn a new way to do what we have been doing for 8 years. 
Beauty for Ashes training and retreat during COVID. May not seem like much, but for a planner to just go alone on a whim (per God), is NEW. 

One night the Lord woke me up and said bless 100 children that are in foster care or homeless.  In order to do this, we had to locate children, 1st time doing a fund raiser via FB and God moved of the hearts of His people and we received over $1,000.00 (goal) in donations. 121 children were either reminded of Christ’s sacrifice, or introduced to Christ.  
I was obedient to God telling me to give monthly to another church and continue to give to my church.

Initiated Bible Study on Friday nights. 

While in Guatemala the Lord told me to forgive my dad for everything I held deeply against him.  The tipper was God telling me He would wait for me.  Who am I that God would wait on me!! I asked God how? He showed me a picture of Him covering me. (I promise I will blog about forgiveness soon) After returning home I knew 2 things, I had to forgive my dad, and conduct a Beauty for Ashes retreat.

Once I forgave my dad, (a week later) I got a call to discuss my trip to Guat. that lead to my trip to Africa which lead to God turning my heart to Gods people in Africa. 


A new way to pray.

A new way to hear God.

A new way to understand the authority I have as a believer in Christ Jesus.

New understanding of Gods Word!

A new understanding of how God will use me in the earth, and how he has groomed me for my purpose.

A new way of looking at my worth in Christ.

A new way to intercede for not just other people, but for a country.

I will not minimize the emotional roller coaster ride 2021 has had me on, Gratitude that God allowed my family to escape COVID, sorrowful for all the people who have been impacted by COVID, it has not easy nor has it been simple, it was complex, it was great, it was wonderful, it was heart breaking, it has brought great sadness, and great pain, it has been spiritually heavy, it has been spiritually revealing, it has taught me to understand being alone, being honored, being disliked, being different.  I have learned it is ok to go with God and trust God to guard my life without my help!!  God has me, God is for me, God loves me and God has a specific calling on my life that I must walk in!!  

What about you, what about your 2021 reflection?

Embracing the NEW.  New to me not God!

till next time